Do You Want To Help Foster Youth To Be Successful?

Join the Regratifying Foundation's Board of Directors


The Regratifying Foundation is a nonprofit in Northern Virginia with a mission to inspire foster care youth to identify their personal potential that will allow them to thrive now and after foster care.

Top 5 reasons Why Our Mission is Important

  • More than 1 in 5 foster youth will become homeless after 18 when they leave foster care.
  • One quarter will be involved in the criminal justice system within two years of leaving the foster care system.
  • Only 58% will graduate high school by 19 years of age and 3% or less of those individuals will receive a college degree.
  • The amount of former foster youth employed by the age of 26 is 46% and the average income is $13,989.
  • Compared to the general population, incarcerations rates after foster care are high for males (64% vs 9%) and females (33% vs 3%).

Why You Should Become a Board Member

You can help change the lives of foster care youth in Northern Virginia. Your contribution to the Regratifying Foundation will help this forgotten demographic to think about their future, so they can be successful adults and live prosperous lives.


The prospective member of the Board of Directors will be required to be an advocate of the foundation’s mission to the business community. This person will work closely with the CEO/President to strategize on how to include the business community to be part of the mission. A major role for this position is to recruit donors so the organization can achieve its mission. This is a 2-year term.


We hope you’re interested in joining the Regratifying Foundation’s Board of Directors. Please email Ramon Montes at and include some information about yourself and your Linkedin profile.

Thank you!