Job Experience Project

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The purpose of the project was to give our youth the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a client. The youth participants obtained skills in market research, communication, public speaking, creative thinking and strategies, and teamwork. They will be able to put this project on their resume.

Project Description: Tysons Corner Marriott is planning to remodel their facility in order to give their guests a better experience and to increase sales. Marriott would like participants from the NOW program to evaluate their hotel and competitors and provide them with recommendations on how they can improve their hotel before they remodel.

View the Powerpoint presentation which they used to present their recommendations to the General Manager. He was very impressed with their hard work and gave them high marks for their recommendations.


“I want to tell you they [participants] exceeded my expectations on their project to develop recommendations for renovations that would improve our competitive position. It was uncanny how on the mark they were with recommendations for making our product and services more relevant to today's customers. Almost every recommendation in their final presentation matched those developed by our Marriott Project team. Frankly, the exterior lighting idea was not on our list and it peaked my interest.”


Dan McKeon
General Manager