Changing the Future of  Foster Care Youth

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(Navigate, Opportunity, Worth)

The Regratifying Foundation's NOW program is designed to encourage foster care youth to continue their education, learn about and consider professional careers and set future personal and career goals before they age out or emancipate from foster care.  Participants will learn about various professions, as well as how to improve social and communication skills, problem solving, and self-confidence.  To encourage participation, the program will be actively engaging and provide personal incentives to each participant.

This Year, Foster Care Youth Will Participate In

career preparation Course

To be successful in any career, foster care youth need to be able to engage professionally and obtain skills that employers look for.  This interactive course will enhance their writing skills, public speaking, problem solving, social skills, stress management, persistence and ethics.  Participants will also learn interviewing skills and will be interviewed by a local business at the end of the course. Everyone must complete this course before proceeding to the career course.

Career Course

Participants will learn and engage in activities that pertains to different professional careers.

Ongoing Engagement

Participants will engage in the program throughout the year even when they're not attending courses. Activities include online assignments, job shadowing, team building exercises and visiting businesses. All activities will pertain to personal career core skills and/or careers.


Participants will be rewarded for participating in the program. Rewards can be earned by attending courses, participation and completing assignments.