Foster Care Youth Deserve a Successful Future .
You Can Be Their Hero!


Approximately 20,000 foster care youth age out from foster care every year, which means they no longer receive any support or resources from Child Welfare or the community. With only 59% completing high school by the age of 19 and less than 3% getting a college degree, many foster care youth end up directionless after they leave the system. Many of these youth will end up living in poverty, or in the streets, or involved in the criminal justice system after foster care. These youth have experienced a lot of disruption in their lives, so they need a program like ours to help them build their self worth and to identify their personal potential.

Your organization can change the lives of foster care youth and give them an opportunity to be successful after foster care.  With your corporate contribution, foster care youth will:

  • successfully stay in school 
  • learn about opportunities beyond high school, including professional careers
  • set career goals before they age out or emancipate from foster care
  • develop professional skills necessary for today’s work world, including interpersonal skills, effective communication, problem solving, and ethical decision-making

The Regratifying Foundation's NOW program will encourage foster care youth to continue their education, think about careers and help them set career goals before they age out or emancipate from foster care.


Lunch Program - $150

This supports lunch for all the participants for one course session.

Rewards Program - $360

This supports the rewards program for one participant for the full year.

Summer Program – $150

This supports one participant to attend a one summer activity (4 activities scheduled).

Course - $750

This supports one participant to attend a career course (6 sessions).


If your contribution is more than $1,000, we will add your logo to our website as a Corporate Sponsor. Your logo will be on our website for one year.

The Regratifying Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your contribution is tax deductible. For more information, please contact Ramon Montes at